Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration

CSII Projects

Building Resilient Regions: The Immigrant Challenge

This project is part of a larger project with the Building Resilient Regions network that focuses on understanding the challenges immigration has posed and will pose to U.S. metropolitan regions. The PERE team is taking the lead on two case studies, Los Angeles and San Jose. We will conduct 20 to 40 interviews within each region with a wide variety of stakeholders including leaders of immigrant advocacy organizations, local public agencies, key elected officials, members of the press and other key stakeholders. This project is funded by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

CCF Council on Immigrant Integration

This two-year project is designed to organize, convene, and facilitate a council of stakeholders for the California Community Foundation. The CCF Council on Immigrant Integration will bring together a group of stakeholders from business, labor, community-based organizations and city planners/governmental agencies that will serve as a mechanism to build alliances across sectors and form a working group to tackle policy development. The goal of the Council is that members achieve a common understanding of immigrants’ complex roles in local communities; engage in candid discussions about the realities facing immigrants and receiving communities; and reach consensus about mutual responsibilities and shared community goals that can ensure the continued social and economic well-being of the region. This project is funded by the California Community Foundation.

Creating a New Voice for Immigrant Integration

This project creates a ready-response mechanism to provide data and analysis to government entities, funders, press and others about California’s immigrant populations in California that is based on a solid research scaffold and a coherent “story;” develops new mechanisms to bring together unlikely allies to launch a new set of dialogues about our shared future; and continues to develop our research center to provide California with best practices around immigrant integration from other states, and take the lessons from California, with its more settled migrant population, to the national level. This project is funded by the James Irvine Foundation.

Next Steps to Deepen, Disseminate and Dialougue New Frameworks

As an expansion on PERE’s already comprehensive analysis of immigrant integration, this project in particular examines the relationship and the potential to forge ties between the African-American and immigrant communities. The mission for this project specifically investigates the budding alliances amongst African American and immigrant populations and to strengthen the communities of both, by creating a framework to collaborate on common issues. This project is not about “just” race relations but rather we will create a space for honest conversations about difference even as we help to build a collective capacity for action.